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7 Reasons to Become An AuPair Girl

7 Reasons Why you should be an AuPair Girl

Nowadays, we the young generation are always looking for the better way to travel abroad and really get to know the country we visit, but most of the time we consider every single option but one: becoming an aupair girl. I was an aupair girl for over a year and it has been my favourite experience ever, so I should know if being an au pair means "being the nanny". Let me tell you that yeah, in some ways you'll be a nanny as you will take care of the kids, but you also will be a student, a member of the family and you will really get to travel abroad in one of the greatest ways. That's why I've written 7 reasons to be an aupair girl here:

1. The family takes you to different places: Most of us, aupair girls, have experienced the amazing experience of travelling to other places with the family. The travel could be to an hour away or even to another state of the country! It depends completely on the family but if they decide to go on holiday you will surely join them and it will be entirely for free as it was not included in your year plan!

2. You will think of the kids as your little brothers and sisters: It is impossible to not end up loving those little faces and the best part is that when time passes you will actually get to see them grow up as long as you all stay in touch. It is one of the best feelings to watch someone grow and still remember you.

3. You will study as well: It is completely wrong to assume that an au pair is just a nanny that will work a full-time shift. On the contrary, being an au pair means that you will also attend to school and that you will have other responsibilities besides the kids. Most countries even have laws that will prevent any au pair from working the whole day as they are also students.

4. You'll practice your teaching skills: You will not be the only one learning new things and languages. An aupair girl most of the time becomes an international teacher for the kids as they always love to learn new things from the country you are from.

5. You truly get to experience the real culture of the country you're visiting: Most of us Millenials are used to hear of study abroad programs as the only way of travelling alone, but with these experiences, you end up only spending your time with people from the same country as you. Unlike this, when becoming an au pair you will completely be within the core of the real culture as you'll get to develop in the real everyday life. This is an opportunity where you will see the real face of another country and not just the commercial points.

6. You will be a new member of the family: On my personal experience, I was really lucky as the family that hosted me was beyond cool and we get along quite well. I'm still in touch with them and we are even planning to visit each other's country so that we can meet again. You don't need to end up being best friends with your host family but hey, you will live together for months and will establish a tight bond whether you plan it or not. It is just like with your family, you don't choose them but you end up having a lot of feelings for them.

7. No rent plus money to spend: Every country, city and family has its own way of relating to an aupair girl. Some of them prefer the au pair to live with them and others would rather have them in a loft near the house. But wherever they decide you will live you won't have to pay rent and you will also receive money to spend on your self. It might not be a lot of money but you won't have to pay for the basic things so that few dollars or pounds will be entirely for you to spend on whatever you want.