Au Pair Agency Team

8 Reasons to become an AuPair

Looking for reasons to become an AuPair? Here are 8 positive reasons to become an AuPair to peak your interest!

If you're reading this list, maybe it's because the thought of becoming an international AuPair has already crossed your mind. In that case, here I'll leave you with 8 reasons to completely decide to go on this adventure.

1. You'll get to entirely know another culture and you'll improve your new language in case you don't have perfect English. If you're only looking to stay for a short period of time but you're a bit short of cash and your English is not 100% good, then this is the perfect choice for you.

2. You'll make an infinity of new friendships with people from all over the world. Being an AuPair is sometimes like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what will come next. That's why you end up meeting a lot of people from different countries that are actually in the same area as you, whom which you end up forging ties with.

3. Travelling with a small amount of money has never been so much fun. Sleeping in 13 euros hostels, taking a 7-hour bus trip so it will be cheaper, Couchsurfing, filling up hostel bedrooms, renting temporary apartments, learning geography after getting lost a few times and learning new vocabulary by asking strangers for directions. All those moments will make you smile every time you think of them on the future.

4. Listen to popular songs from your country that you used to be ashamed of and now you dance to them like crazy. I'm talking about songs such as La Macarena or La Gasolina. You'll laugh every time you realize that they know those songs from your country and not the ones that you actually like. But these moments will your favourites every time you go out with your new friends.

5. You'll learn the legends of your hosting country and sometimes you'll even be able to live them vividly. Also, you'll wait for festive days such as St. Patrick's day just to go out and buy everything you find in the stores.

6. Once you come back to your origin country, you'll want to get to know it better from east to west. After that, you'll want to invite all of the friends you made while being an AuPair to stay at your place and get to know your country too.

7. Learning English (or the language from your hosting country) will always motivate you the most.  Once you come home, you'll want to stay in touch with your host family and to do that you must have very good English as video calls can get a bit difficult!

8. The self-confidence you'll gain after staying in a foreign country. You'll be less self-conscious once you face all of the situations that travelling to a new country implies. Don't worry, you'll always get away with them and you'll learn so much from any challenge you might be facing with.

No doubt there are many more good reasons to become an AuPair. Ask someone who has done it and they'll more often than not give very positive feedback.