Au Pair Agency Team

Au Pair Jobs In Ireland

Au Pair jobs in Ireland is a wonderful experience that you will remember the rest of your life. You'll make lifelong friends, become fluent in the English language and broaden your perspective by living in a different culture.


Be Part of the Family


With Au Pair jobs in Ireland, you live with a Host Family and provide full-time, live-in child care. Alternatively, you could look after an elderly person in their home. You will be part of the family, a friend and helper to the Parents and a big brother or sister to the children. Au Pairs often participate in family outings and even holidays. It's a job and yet it's so much fun!


Make Friends


While in Ireland, you'll surely make friends. Not only will you be a part of the Au Pair Social network but you'll meet people in your everyday life. You'll encounter family friends and local people living in the area where you are. This will be a big contributor to you learning English fluently.


Education & Experience


Not only will you attend classes while working as an Au Pair but you will attend the proverbial University of Life. There is no greater education than life experiences.


Get Paid


While you'll not be paid as well as you would in a regular job, you are paid rather well considering that you have somewhere to live and food to eat. How many people can say that they travel abroad and get paid for doing it?


See Ireland


During your days off, there is lots to see and do in Ireland. Venture away from the neighbourhood and see the sites! Regular people would come to Ireland on holiday for a couple of weeks. You will be here for months!


Become Bi-Lingual


At the end of your experience you can truly say that you are bi-lingual. There is no better way to learn English than to live in an English-speaking country! Also, it so happens that English is a widely spoken language. Being fluent in English will open many doors for you for the rest of your life.

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