Au Pair Agency Team

Au Pairs and Relationships

Of course it happens. Being alone as an Au Pair in a new country and culture can bring together some powerful ingredients to fall in love. You are not with your circle of friends. Let's explore the implications of Au pairs and relationships

You are in a world full of new and exotic and fascinating things and everything (including humans) can be very special. It's no secret that falling in love is one of life's greatest adventures. Adventure is one of the most important aspects of being an Au Pair, right?


The Pros and Cons Au Pairs and Relationships

Although most Au Pairs are unlikely to start their relationships early on as a priority, that does not mean that they suddenly can not find themselves in an unexpected (and very compelling) relationship.

The most important thing for for an Aupair in Ireland is to make good progress by learning English and establishing close ties with your new host family in Ireland.

Life as an Au Pair in Ireland or anywhere can be good fun and if you find love then all the better but juggling the two things is not easy. You must consider from the outset, what happens when the Au Pairing period is over? Will a long distance relationship in the future work out for you? Is is possible to work or study in the country at a later date? As wonderful as a relationship may be at the time, if it leads to heartbreak later on when the Au Pair experience is over then it could ruin your fond memories with your Host Family. So caution and careful consideration must be applied.