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Being an Au Pair at Christmas

Your Host Family While an Au Pair at Christmas

Christmas is observed around the globe and each nation has its own customs and traditions: gifts, trimmings, garlands, Christmas carols, Christmas trees, the Nativity scene and Santa, just to name a few. Every family has its own way of celebrating these holidays. For some families, the Christmas tradition may include someone in the family, such as an Grand Father masquerading as Santa Claus. Other Christmas traditions include the days until Christmas with a movie marathon to bring the whole family into the festive spirit, to have their own Christmas decoration or to wear matching Christmas jumpers. Being an Au Pair at Christmas is a lovely experience.


Christmas as a cultural exchange between the Au Pair and Host Family

Thanks to your host family you will discover new Christmas traditions as an Au Pair at Christmas. So you have the chance to share wonderful moments and to form a strong bond. In addition, you can also talk about Christmas parties in your home country and in your family and bring some of your own traditions into your family's life. This will be a fantastic opportunity for your host family to get to know you better, as they can take part in new activities and discover new ways to celebrate this holiday. This gives you the opportunity to experience a part of another culture on a more personal level, which is certainly something different than reading or watching a documentary about Christmas in different countries.

Christmas as a moment of celebration and sharing

Christmas gives and shares with those around us. This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for intercultural exchange and understanding. If you talk about your own traditions and celebrate them in a different cultural environment, you can appreciate them even more and stay in touch with your cultural roots. By sharing our cultural identity and teaching others about the cultural richness and diversity of the world, we also provide a rewarding learning experience that could not otherwise happen.

Did you spend your Christmas holidays with your host family? Did you find out something interesting about your host country? Contact us and tell us about your special Christmas with your host family.