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Caregiver - Au Pair for Seniors

Let's check the differences between a standard au pair and an au pair for seniors.

Au Pair for Seniors Contract

The standard contract that au pairs normally use is not applicable to elderly care, as the au pair program requires the person to care for their children only. Although the caregivers are likely to live with the host family, adult au pairs are considered companions and helpers of the elderly.

Au Pair for seniors

Being an au pair for seniors is no different than a standard au pair for children. The main task is to help adults or elderly at home to meet their daily needs and provide support. This provides an alternative to supervised residential or retirement homes for the elderly and a great opportunity for many au pairs to move to a new country.

Now that we have an employer (the host family) and an employee (the caregiver), we only need one contract to make this possible.

Remember that the standard au pair contract is not valid in this case. Please indicate in your profile the working conditions you have proposed and describe your expectations. In addition, select the "Senior Caregiver" option in your search criteria so that the filter can support users who want to become an au pair for the elderly.

It is possible that the Embassy will not allow the visa to be issued for this purpose. Be sure to check the conditions before signing the contract and decide to bring the au pair to your country.

Tasks of the au pair for the elderly

An aupair for seniors must not be confused with nursing or nursing assistance. We are talking about care-giving in the sense of being a friend, helping out around the house, cooking meals, chatting, playing board games and going for a walk to feed the ducks - this type of daily activity. There is nothing that would replace the duties of a professional carer or medial practitioner.