Au Pair Agency Team

Five Reasons to Host a Male AuPair

Don't forget the option of the Male Aupair

Over the years, the concept of "au pair" has been related to the stereotype of a lovely girl taken out of a Hollywood movie about a babysitter. Nevertheless, the world is always evolving, and so do all these gender stereotypes. Nowadays, the lifestyle of most families is always active, therefore male aupairs have become so popular lately so here are a few reasons why you should start considering a male aupair.

1. A male role model

A girl aupair usually comes with a maternal and female vibe which is always helpful but what if your kids actually want to have a big brother? If you'd like your kids to look after a good young male role model, then a male aupair is the perfect option as they will show to your kids how to be responsible while having a good time. In many particular cases, the father could be out for a long time or maybe the kids don't even have a father so having a good male role model in the house will for sure teach the kids how they should behave once they are all grown up.

2. Responsible like a girl, ridiculous like a kid

It's no secret that guys are always full of incredible amounts of energy that they love to spend doing sports and other games. If your kids are the kind of children that are always playing and that doesn't seem to even need to rest, the male aupair is just perfect for them. He will for sure enjoy every single game with the kids and can even teach them some of the sports that he has practised.

3. A male au pair has a lot of motivation

Every time a male aupair applies to the different programs, they all demonstrate particular passion about it. Due to the fact that finding a male aupair abroad is not easy, the few guys who have managed to become an au pair are really thankful for the opportunity and love working and doing what they chose to do. Because they are aware of how unusual it is to be given with this opportunity, they usually hold up to very high standards in order to prove how good they are at it.

4. They like to have fun

Okay, having fun is not a gender thing but it is well known that guys can be very versatile as they enjoy doing the job while having fun. This means that no matter what they are playing with, whether is football or barbies, they will perfectly adapt and play with the kids happily. This is just one of the many reasons why you should consider having a male aupair, this is not 1960 anymore, guys can take care of the kids too!

5. More than 2 kids? Not a problem!

Unlike girls, boys usually move within big groups of friends where usually should be the presence of a leader. Also, most of the guys that apply to the aupair program have some experience in being a camp coach or even a sports coach, if they are applying is because they have vast experience. This way, they can be prepared to any number of kids within the house so if you think that your kids might be a bit too much for a girl, then a male aupair is a perfect choice.