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How to define an AuPair

First of all, and before telling you how to define an aupair, we will tell you the difference between an aupair and a nanny.  While the first one is usually a young person between 17 and 26 years who does not necessarily have any qualifications or childcare experience, the second one actually is an experienced and qualified childcare provider that will usually be in a more mature age in order to accomplish all of the responsibilities.

Basically, a nanny is a prepared person and an official worker which is expected to pay taxes and joy employee benefits. That must be the biggest difference as an aupair isn't an official worker but a young person taking care of the children and enjoying some money to spend on themselves.

Au Pair Definition and what do they do

Usually, an au pair travels to the UK or to any other country to live with a previously selected host family in order to get to know the core of another culture and to learn a foreign language. Of course, the au pair should give something in exchange of a place to live and the chance of being a student in a local school and that is taking care of the kids of the family and providing domestic help. Also, an au pair constantly receives money, not as a payment but as a help for their personal expenses. This way, an au pair is not entitled to the common employee benefits.

Being an au pair is not just for girls, and in order for the country to not define your aupair as a paid worker, you should take into account some important things.

You can define an aupair with the following points:

For a start, the Au Pair definition, an au pair has to be a foreigner guy or girl which is going to stay in another country with a host family. In some cases, during the process, they will have to obtain a student visa for the country they are heading to.

In order for the process to be completed correctly, the hosting family, usually just the head of it, will have to provide the soon to be Au Pair with an invitation letter where they have to perfectly specify all of the conditions of their stay. These specifications should feature the board, pocket money and lodging that will be provided free of charge for the time that the aupair will be staying with them. Also, the letter should say the hours they'll be working and all of the tasks that the au pair will be helping with.

When a young au pair comes and visits another country, they have to be given the chance of really getting to know the country's culture. They will also share their own culture with the host family so that everyone learns a bit from each other. To complete the learning,

The au pair definition will also describe basic domestic duties and light childcare, all of which should be a maximum of 25 to 30 hours a week depending on the country you are in. Also, if the parents would like to spend a night out, the au pair should also provide babysitting services for a couple of days a week, again depending on the country.

Now, to finish this how to define an aupair article, the au pair can actually go on vacation with the host family without having to spend their own money. In case the family won't take the au pair, then they will be able to return to their country for vacation.