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Childcare Choices - In Home Care versus Daycare

Trying to decide on childcare for your kids can be particularly difficult; there are so many options for you to choose from and you can feel pressured to find the ideal care for your little ones. If you are weighing up the pros and cons of in home care compared to taking your child to daycare, then this handy guide can help.

The Benefits of In-Home Care

• Flexibility – In home care can be extremely convenient for families. When a childcare provider lives in the home, they are more readily available.
• Additional help – An in-care childcare provider may be willing to help with other, non-childcare duties such as housework and meal preparation.
• Comfort – Children will become more familiar and accustomed to an in-home childcare provider, as well as feeling more relaxed and comfortable in their own surroundings with their own things.

In-Home Care – Drawbacks to Consider

• Cost – It is generally more expensive to have in-home childcare than to use a daycare facility. You may be eligible for help to pay for daycare which can ease the financial burden.
• Reliability – If your in-home childcare provider is ill or unavailable, you need to have a backup plan to ensure continuous care; an au pair agency can help with this.
• Paperwork – If you hire in-home care, there can be a lot more paperwork to organize including arranging taxes etc.
• Recruitment – It can be more difficult to find an in-home care provider who is fully qualified.

The Benefits of Daycare

• Socialization – Your child will be around other children, which teaches valuable social skills.
• Economy – Daycare is generally less expensive than paying for an in-home care provider and you may be eligible to apply for help in paying for it.
• Peace of Mind – Daycare providers must be registered, staff must be fully trained and each setting is held accountable by regulatory organizations.

Daycare – Drawbacks to Consider

• Waiting Lists – Good daycare facilities can be heavily oversubscribed and you may have to wait; so it makes sense to apply early.
• Exposure to Illness – When your child is in a larger group of children, they are exposed to more illnesses (although for healthy children this may actually contribute to a healthy immune system).
• Individual Attention – you may prefer your child to receive individual attention rather than being part of a larger group of children.
• Travel – You will have to travel to and from daycare, which will require lots of organization that may prove difficult to fit around work and other commitments.

Whether you choose in home care or daycare, the most important consideration should be the happiness and wellbeing of the entire family. Review your childcare arrangements regularly to ensure that everyone is happy with it.