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In Home Child Care

In Home Child Care

In Home Child Care is a care and supervision of a child provided in the families own home to eligible families. Home care is one of the perfect solutions for families who are unable to access standard child care due to work, location or care requirements


In home child care is a broad topic that covers a wide scale of professionals, activities, social and cultural conventions. It is the actions and skills of looking after children by a nanny, babysitter, teachers or other providers. It is also a program targeting families who don’t have access to mainstream child care services. This is maybe because some families work under non-standard hours or having a child/parent with disability. It could also be the time during a child/parent is sick, multiple birth children or have three or more children under school age.

Typically, in home child care is provided by nannies, friends, family, or babysitter and child is watched inside their own home. Depending on the number of children in the home, the children utilizing in-home care could enjoy a great amount of interaction with their nannies/caregiver, which turn into a close bond.

Furthermore, below is the list of the different types of Nannies and Other In-Home Child care providers and their speciality:

  • New Born Specialist – they are the highly specialized and trained in-home child provider who focuses on the care of the newly born child.
  • Sleep Trainer – the one who specializes in developing individual routines and systems for helping a child develops solid and healthy sleep habits.
  • Temporary Nannies -- accepts short-term employment and may provide services for emergency care or sick care.
  • Babysitter – provides supervisory, custodial care of children on a full-time or part-time basis; but many of the babysitters have no special training and have limited child care experiences.
  • Parent’s Helper - employed by the family to provide full-time or part-time childcare and domestic help for families in which one parent is home most of the time.
  • Au Pair - An Au Pair is a foreign person who will look after your child or children in much the same way as a big brother or sister in exchange for the experience of living abroad for a period of time