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Old People's Home or Live in Help and Companionship?

There comes a time in our lives when we reach old age. None of us are getting any younger. At some point, independent living can be a struggle and help is needed. At this point, we have to provide help and care to our elderly loved ones. However, sometimes it's hard to juggle your own family and work responsibilities with the need to help your elderly parent or grandparent for example.


At this stage, most people are aware of only one available option - Old People's Home for the elderly. If your loved one is in need of medical care then a Nursing home probably is your only option. However, what if your loved one just needs some day to day help with household chores while they are still relatively healthy?


There are many elderly people who have not reached a stage of medical care yet but they have become old to the point of finding independent living a struggle. Perhaps their mobility is restricted. They may find cooking and basic housework physically too difficult. Perhaps their memory is not what it once was and they forget things very easily.


In these cases, there is actually a secondary option besides an Old People's Home. Not many people are aware of it and this article could be just what you need to read today!


We've all heard of Au Pairs - right? An Au Pair is like a Nanny, someone who moves in for a working holiday and helps out with the kids. Well The Au Pair Agency Team in Ireland provides Au pairs for Senior Care!


Would your elderly loved one prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home? Most people would. The next question is, would you like to NOT pay Old People's Home fees? Of course, if there was a better option! Well maybe there is a better option...


Firstly, it must be stressed that our Au Pairs are not medically trained and do not provide medical care. Think of this as help and companionship.


Not only is the companionship invaluable but here are some examples of the help you can get...


• Organise outings to church, neighbours and shopping.

• Accompanying on hospital or doctor appointments

• Reading to or assisting with reading

• Writing letters, birthday cards etc.

• Assist with clothing selection and personal grooming

• Answering the phone; taking messages

• Assisting with entertaining

• Preparing and serving meals

• Washing, ironing of clothes and bed linen

• Vacuuming, dusting

• Care of household pets

• Grocery shopping

• Putting out the bins

• Assistance going to bed and assistance getting out of bed.


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