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The Titanic was built in Belfast

When preparing to visit Ireland to work as an Au Pair, you should visit the home of the world-famous Titanic! Make a plan to do this.

Belfast, Titanic City: home of the ship of dreams. Visit the historic Thompson Dry Dock, which has a telling shadow of the past. It still gives you a feeling for the craft professions of Belfast, for the carpenters, locksmiths, plumbers, and apprentices who breathed life into the Titanic. Among them were the craftsmen of the Guarantee Group, whose dream trip became a nightmare and went down with the ship. Within sight of the dock shines the huge shimmering outer skin of the Titanic Belfast. The history of the ship from construction to tragic destruction is traced in galleries. Enjoy a roller coaster ride, underwater cinema and impressive replicas of the cabins. No wonder it was voted the world's leading tourist attraction at the World Travel Awards.

Visit the engineering offices where the Titanic was designed on a Titanic tour of the neighbourhood. Then board the Hamilton Dock aboard the SS Nomadic, the only remaining White Star Line vessel. Built as a Titanic escort, the SS Nomadic is a symbol of the Edwardian era when the White Star Line was the epitome of quality and luxury. Reminiscent of this maritime era of the early 20th century also awakens the HMS Caroline, a light battle-cruiser from the First World War and the last remaining ship from the Battle of the Skagerrak of 1916.

Titanic Tours

Who knows the story of the Titanic better than the people who live in their hometown and still feel their aura day after day? Probably nobody. Thanks to the special insights of their ancestors who have experienced the time of the Titanic, the leaders of the Titanic tours in Belfast have a very special connection to the ship. The Titanic Walking Tours and Titanic Tours Belfast are just two of the many deals. The latter is headed by Susie Millar, the great-granddaughter of one of the engineers of the Titanic, who went down with the ship.

The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, in addition to the permanent TITANIC exhibition documenting the ship's construction, journey and sinking, offers a first-hand look into Belfast's heyday. Turn the clock back to Belfast at the time of Edward VII and roam the 70-acre grounds overlooking Belfast Lough for a taste of early 20th-century rural life.

Links to the Titanic: eating, drinking, sleeping

The Titanic Pub and Kitchen, once home to Robert Watson & Co.'s furniture makers, made the mattresses and tables for the Titanic and their sister ships. The stylish Edwardian decor of the pub is, therefore, no coincidence. White Star Line posters and historic tickets give the interior a touch of nostalgic drama.

Robinson's Titanic collection is so unique that guests of the pub feel like they're in a museum. The impressive collection includes a steward's badge, a jewellery box, and Philomena - a doll supposedly rescued from the floating wreck of the Titanic.

Choose your room at Rayanne House wisely. You could find yourself on a balcony overlooking the waters where the Titanic once ran. But this is not just about a bed for the night. In the kitchen, chef Conor McClelland has risen to true culinary heights and re-cooked the original first-class menu. Enjoy as once Benjamin Guggenheim and "the unsinkable Molly Brown".

To make a long story short: Titanic is Belfast and Belfast is the Titanic. If you want to discover the whole story then you are in the right place.