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Try a Houseboat Holiday in Ireland

A Houseboat Holiday in Ireland - The best way to see the sites!

If you are a host family that is looking for a nice way to treat your Au Pair to a holiday that shows Ireland in all its splendour then consider a houseboat holiday!

What could be better than slowly drifting on the water and seeing the beautiful Irish landscape pass by? If you just want to relax and clear your mind, then a houseboat holiday in Ireland is just right for you!

Ireland has Europe's longest tourist waterway. It measures around 750 kilometres including all secondary lines - without any freight traffic. You also do not need a boat license to explore Ireland's waterways.

In this way you get to know Ireland in a different way and see things that you might have hurried past in the car, find hidden places that you can not see from the street. The landscape has remained essentially unchanged for millennia, with witnesses from the past centuries, mysterious stone figures, medieval monasteries, round towers, fortified castles, and mansions.

The most northerly point is Belleek, known for its pottery studios, on Lower Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. The south marks the mouth of the River Shannon in the Republic of Ireland. Both the Shannon and the Erne and the lakes of both rivers have long been popular houseboat areas. Since the reopening of the 62-kilometre Shannon-Erne Waterway in 1994, both bodies of water have been connected. This allows houseboat vacationers limitless vacations.

Discover unique Irish landmarks from the water: the 12th-century church on White Island with its unique stone statues. The old monastery on Devenish Island with a very well preserved round tower. The many hundred islets in Upper Lough Erne. Start at one of the greatest sites in Irish, even European history: Clonmacnoise, a monastery, centre, and centre for teaching and research, from which many monks moved out and proselytized Europe.

But do not forget to plan a hike, the exploration of the many small dreamy villages or a bike excursion. And of course a visit to a typical Irish pub - preferably a "singing pub" to end the evening with cheerful and friendly Irish.

And there is more to discover during your houseboat holiday in Ireland. From Shannon, the Royal Canal and the Grand Canal lead V-shaped to Dublin, and the River Barrow invites to explore. In the north, the River Bann offers the experienced Irish boat vacationer the opportunity to discover new territory.

When you return your boat, you are already planning your next houseboat holiday in Ireland, a vacation on the Irish rivers and lakes is addictive!