Au Pair Agency Team

What You Need To Know About the Au Pair Program

If you are interested in the Au Pair Program then we are here to share more details about the program's general terms and conditions. Learn more about the au pair program before registering. That way, you can decide if it's for you! If you like exciting new experiences, get to know people from different countries and want to learn foreign languages, being an Au Pair is just the thing for you! We would like to explain the meaning and definition of an au pair before you apply.

How do we define the au pair program?

Being an Au Pair is a cultural exchange program. It enables young people around the world to live abroad with an Irish family in exchange for childcare.The French term au pair means "at eye level". The au pair and the host family agree and support each other throughout their stay.

Who is an au pair?

An au pair is a young person who is eager to go abroad to spend time with an indigenous family. During this time he / she can learn or improve their language skills and get to know a new culture. Both parties share their responsibility. This term has become the basic idea of the program.

In exchange for being part of the family, the au pair will help to take care of the children. He / she will also help the family with day-to-day childcare tasks.An au pair is not a housekeeper nor a full-time child carer.

Au pairs will look after children and take on some childcare responsibilities. This does not mean that the au pair will become a full time nanny or housekeeper. The host family should respect this fact. Both the au pair and the host family should specify which functions the au pair will take over during the stay.

What is a host family?

A host family is a family (as well as a single mother / father) who would like to welcome a foreign person. They make the participants part of their family in exchange for some childcare and light housework. A host family should have a vacant room for their future au pair.

During the au pair stay, the family and au pair must respect their standards. They include working hours, duties, salary and responsibilities, among others.

Remember, the au pair will take on various child-care responsibilities. The host family should provide a description of the job when applying to the Au Pair Agency. In this way au pairs know their expectations. They also get a first impression of what their daily routine is with a particular host family.