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AU PAIR Partner Agencies

Ally yourself with Ireland's Most Reputable & Comprehensive Au Pair Agency 
We Provide for Au Pairs...

• 24/7 emergency phone number.
• Ongoing support and advice for our Aupairs & Interns.
• Contact list for Au pairs/Interns in their area.
• Orientation meeting.
• Social programme with social co-ordinator.
• State of the art boutique English School, the only one in Ireland!
• Members of IAPA and Founding members of Irish National Au Pair Association (INAPA)• English classes (organised before the Au pair’s arrival) at a subsidised rate.

Placement Procedure

1. APSA will search for an appropriate match for your Au pair. We will then send the family information to you, the agency.
2. The Au pair must arrange arrival times and dates with the family directly.
3. It is the Au pair’s responsibility to confirm with the family, details of her flight and what time the family will pick her up at the airport.

APSA will send family information to the agency to pass onto the Au Pair. If the Au Pair is unhappy with the family she will be provided with another family until she is happy and comfortable with her choice.

The Au Pair and Intern Study Agency

With just over 20 years of experience, APSA has successfully grown into one of the largest Au Pair agencies in Ireland and we are committed to bringing you the very best service possible. We are founding members of the Irish National Au Pair Association and recognized as industry leaders in Ireland and throughout Europe. The programmes we offer are renowned for their superior quality and value and it is for this reason that we will only work with reliable, reputable and quality driven agencies who screen and vet their Au Pairs to the required standards.


• Providing information about the various Au pair programs to prospective Au pairs and ensuring the Au pair is fully aware of terms and conditions of each program.

• Au pairs should be  informed of their duties before arriving. They should be prepared for what is expected of them and should have realistic expectations of their role as an Au Pair.

• Ensuring all Au Pair and interns are flexible with their placement (location, program, age of children etc)

• We have carefully designed the Au pair program so that Au pairs are close to each other and the school; this coupled with the social activities helps the Au Pair feel less isolated and homesick. Please encourage the Au Pairs, before they arrive, to make the most of the social opportunities we offer them!

• An important element of our Au pair partner agencies is providing the girls with any guidance or help they may need. Please inform the Au pair before they arrive of the contact name and office hours should they feel they need more information or help with any aspect of their Au pair experience. This will avoid Au pairs contacting your office unnecessarily.

• In the unlikely event that an Au Pair is unhappy in her family and the family is indeed unsuitable, we will make arrangements to place the au pair in a new family as soon as possible -‐ usually within 2 weeks. We can only provide one change of family placement and we do not cover the Au Pairs accommodation costs.

• Tuition fees are non-‐refundable; please ensure the Au pair understands this before arriving in Dublin.

If you would like us to provide your agency with tips and advice on choosing the right candidates, please email us for more information.

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expectations of an au pair 

Au pairs MUST attend classes. It is the agency’s responsibility to explain to Au pairs that if theychoose the Au pair programme they must attend classes for the duration of their stay with the host family. If an Au pair is not attending classes APSC will cancel their agreement with their family and they will be expelled from the programme.

Au pairs must bring proof of transfer when attending their first classes.

Au pairs must complete their placement test and payment before arriving in Ireland.

Police Checked and vetted

Send the validated documents (list provided) by email. Candidates who have incomplete files cannot be placed by the Au pair Study Agency.

Vetting and interviewing the Au Pair before sending their paper work to APSA. If you would like us to provide your agency with tips and advice on choosing the right candidates please email us for more information.


Our Intern Programmes vary from 1 month to 12 months with an extensive database of employers willing to offer internships to practice their vocational skills in the work place we have placements in most sectors...

• healthcare
• education
• hotel & catering
• hospitality
• administration finance
• personnel
• marketing
• secretarial
• manufacturing
• charity
• information
• technology
• sales and more…

This programme includes an unpaid work experience, accommodation and language training.
Please contact us for further information.

Carer/Family Member's Contact details
A Skype account is needed to make your application
Remember that you will need to fill every field
to be able to send your application
OK, go ahead
Senior's needs

Please note an au pair can not provide any services which require qualifications such as lifting/handling, toileting, bathing, feeding, using relevant aids & equipment.

Household details
Accommodation details
Type of Aupair
Other details
Write a letter to your future au pair

Please check that you have the following information before you submit your form. Applications cannot be processed without the following:
- A sample schedule of how many hours you require and what duties will be involved in those hours.
- Your signed agreement form returned by email.

Pay deposit
Please attach the PDF received in your mailbox.
NOTE: Please bear in mind if payment is not received and PDF uploaded your application will not be processed.
Thank you! Your application has been received!
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