Caregiver - Au Pair for Seniors

Being an au pair for seniors is no different than a standard au pair for children. The main task is to help adults or elderly at home to meet their daily needs and provide support. This provides an alternative to supervised residential or retirement homes for the elderly and a great opportunity for many au pairs to move to a new country.

8 Reasons to become an AuPair

If you're reading this list, maybe it's because the thought of becoming an international AuPair has already crossed your mind. In that case, here I'll leave you with 8 reasons to completely decide to go on this adventure.

Communication with Your Child Care Provider

As a parent, it is essential that you are completely confident in the child care provider you choose to care for your children. The more communication you have with the person looking after your family, the better. If it is all a little overwhelming, here is our handy guide to the topics you need to be discussing.

Caring for Our Children

For many of us, the first time we earned money was babysitting – caring for someone’s children, often a family member, friend or neighbour. However, parents are a lot more reluctant these days to hire a teenager to babysit. If you are considering finding someone to look after your children while you have a well-earned night off or enjoy a date night, then here are some things to consider.

In Home Care

Trying to decide on childcare for your kids can be particularly difficult; there are so many options for you to choose from and you can feel pressured to find the ideal care for your little ones. If you are weighing up the pros and cons of in home care compared to taking your child to daycare, then this handy guide can help.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Children

Preschool lesson themes and fun exercises for kids have become an important aspect of foreign language teaching. Teaching English as a foreign language to children has become a higher demand and trend in many different countries all over the world.

Things To Do in Dublin

Dublin, capital of the Republic of Ireland, is on Ireland's east coast. It is one of the most walk-able cities in Europe. There are countless things to do in Dublin. Dublin is deeply rooted in its incredible history, culture, and people. Due to the fact that the city is located right on the east coast, day-trips and excursions to the mountains or cliff sides are just a bus ride away, where you can witness some of the most beautiful sceneries in all of Dublin, Ireland.

In Home Child Care

In Home Child Care is the care and supervision of a child provided in the families own home to eligible families. Home care is one of the perfect solutions for families who are unable to access standard child care due to work, location or care requirements